Today’s Star Columnist: Councillor Jack Scott - Be patient with roads project

Coun Jack Scott, Sheffield City Council
Coun Jack Scott, Sheffield City Council

I am very passionate and proud of the Streets Ahead project which is a £2 billion, 25 year project that will see Sheffield’s roads, pavements, streetlights and streetscene brought up to standard within five years.

Once the city has been through this massive transformation we will then work hard to make sure we maintain that standard for a further 20 years.

Lots has been written about the project over the years and since the start in August 2012, we have resurfaced 186 miles of road, 330 miles of pavements and upgraded 12,557 streetlights. This is huge undertaking, Sheffield’s scheme is one of the largest road improvement projects ever.

We have had a lot of positive feedback from residents who are telling us, that although when the works are being carried out in their area, it can be disruptive, when the works are completed it looks fantastic and they are very pleased with the end result. I can also see this for myself as I travel around the city. The new LED streetlights give a clearer white light that is directional and lighting the pavements and roads. The newly resurfaced pavements and roads are smoother and much more comfortable to travel along.

I know there have been delays and I understand that it is frustrating to see half completed works on their streets. Many of these delays are due to the spate of bad weather the whole country has been experiencing over the past few months. We are unable to resurface roads in heavy rain and therefore have had to stop resurfacing and sometimes go back to roads that are half finished. Unfortunately, although this is frustrating for all involved, it is unavoidable.

Despite some of the delays this is a fantastic project for the city and by 2017 Sheffield will have gone from having some of the worst roads in the country to having the best.

I am asking residents to bear with us and help us to transform our city. If you see potholes, barriers down or streetlights not working then please report these to us via The longer term gains and benefits will vastly outweigh any short-term inconvenience and give us roads we can be proud of for generations to come.