Tour de France was best day in the city’s sporting history

Preparing to tackle 'Le Jawbone 'ill' in Oughtibridge. Sent in by A Sheldon
Preparing to tackle 'Le Jawbone 'ill' in Oughtibridge. Sent in by A Sheldon

We have seen the Owls at Wembley on three occasions, we have seen World Championship snooker at the Crucible, I have seen the Australians at Bramall Lane.

All these events made us proud to be a part of Sheffields sporting fraternity.

But none, yes none of those great sporting events can compare with last Sunday when stood halfway up Jawbone Hill at Oughtabridge I witnessed the Tour de France pass through.

From early morning the crowds started to climb Jawbone Hill to stake a claim on a good view, but as the morning turned to dinner time and then afternoon the claim was immaterial as the whole of Oughtibridge turned into a giant party and the complete strangers became old friends within minutes.

The arrival of the Tour caravan parade along with the Gendarmes and our own cops brought about a crescendo of noise that was surpassed ten fold when the first the riders finally came into view.

At all the sporting events we have seen we have never witnessed spectators behave with so much exuberance and friendliness.

Afterwards hundreds congregated down at Coronation Park and the Cricket Club, the latter having live bands to entertain the crowds, the party continued till midnight and congratulations are due to the Cricket Club committee who were all volunteers and worked their socks off to make the end of this great day in the sporting history of Sheffield a gigantic success.

Well done Sheffield , Well done Yorkshire and to top it all it cost us who witnessed it now’t.

Judd, June, Deborah, John, Claire, Scott, Lilly, Louie, Alex and a cast of thousands thanks