True message lost in celebrations?

From: Linda Aizlewood

Melbourn Road, Sheffield S10

I am writing in response to the letter from Ann Oates regarding the waving of the Unison flag at a Christmas celebration in Dore village. I must state that I am not nor ever have been a member of Unison - nor am I a member of any church.

I was under the impression that Christmas was a time of remembering the poor and dispossessed which unions traditionally represent (and occasionally the church).

As we know there are millions in this country now living on the breadline (and below) thousands of children will not be celebrating Christmas because their parent is out of work.

Perhaps it was appropriate that a child was waving a union flag at this celebration to help us remember those who will have a hard time this holiday.

Maybe we also need to re-think the term celebration used in association with the word ‘Christmas’ because it seems that the fundamental message of Christianity - to help others (a promise that the scouts take) less fortunate than ourselves has gone missing - perhaps under the wrapping paper.

Have the people in Dore forgotten this message as it seems to have been lost somewhere in the general ‘celebrations’ ie singing carols round a Christmas tree.

Not that I want to embargo this bit of fun but that is what it is - if the true message of Christmas is forgotten.

To paraphrase Dickens ‘God bless children every one’ even the ones holding flags.