Unsocial time for bin collections

From: Steve Hague

Richworth Road, S13

This morning was no different to every other Wednesday on blue bin collection day.

I was awoken before 7am by the sound of collections taking place in the vicinity of Handsworth, where I live.

Thirty minutes later the sound of crashing glass and vehicle engine noise was deafening, as collections were taking place outside my home.

This is an anti-social problem affecting everyone in Sheffield living in areas where blue bins are first to be emptied on the collection rounds.

Due to the unavoidable noisy nature of emptying blue bins, I believe this should not be done before 8am, in order to minimise the social impact.

I was told by customer services at Veolia that Sheffield City Council has instructed the environmental services contractor to start the first collection at 7am. However, I live miles away from the nearest depot and heard collections taking place in Handsworth before this time.

In any case I believe that starting first collections at 7am is still too early as most people, including working people and school children, are still in bed asleep at this time.

Making blue bin collections at these socially unacceptable hours, given the deafening noise they cause, must be breaking every noise abatement and social disturbance order regulation in the book!

What other company in Sheffield do you know of which would be allowed to operate in this manner?

Sheffield City Council and Veolia are not above the law and should abide by the same social codes of conduct that the rest of society is governed by. Further still, Sheffield City Council should feel ethically obligated to uphold standards for maintaining social order which it is tasked to enforce.

I would like to say that this is not a matter that the people of Sheffield are likely to lose sleep over , but that wouldn’t be true!

Waste management is a highly visible service and in Sheffield most would agree that it is a good one at that.

I am sure that decision makers would not want to tarnish public attitudes towards this service for the sake of delaying blue bin collections by just one hour, which would make a huge difference in minimising the social impact.