Valuable habitat must be preserved

From: Ms J Scaife,

Sheffield S35

AS A regular walker and nature lover, I have visited Forge Dam over many years.

Having seen the large tortoishell butterfly in the wooded area near the bridge in years past, I would like to bring to your attention the bio-diversity and valuable variety of water weed contained in the pond. This is excellent for aquatic fauna, insects, fish and small mammals alike.

Having spent many hours fishing the pond, catching and returning bream, roach, perch, trout and carp, it is shameful to see this water silting up.

All that is needed to restore it to its original beauty is the dredging and re-stocking of coarse fish with a small island at its centre for wildfowl.

The natural habitat surrounding all this area should be left undamaged and in its natural state. Any ‘development’ of any kind by companies will serve only to destroy the very heart of our Forge Dam as we know and love it.