We cannot afford to be complacent

From: Julian Mann

The Vicarage, Oughtibridge, S35

Thank the good Lord Sheffield was spared the appalling criminality that devastated major UK cities last week. But we cannot afford to be complacent.

The attack on the spiritual and moral fabric of UK society since the 1960s, and in particular the undermining of the leadership role of fathers in the family, is a major contributing factor to the disorder our country has experienced. A culture of political correctness also initially inhibited the police from taking the robust action required.

As servants of Christ, we as frontline Sheffield clergy have a responsibility to support the forces of law and order by unequivocally denouncing attacks on businesses and the devastation of people’s livelihoods. One sincerely hopes that we will not hear from church leaders any relativising of the sheer criminality of theft and looting by blaming such behaviour on government cuts.