We should not be derided for faith

From: Mr & Mrs J Collins,

Sheffield S7

WITH reference to the letter from Mike Granville (March 24).

I feel sorry for Mr Granville. He seems to have a real hang-up with Christianity. It appears he has a total misconception of what it is to be Christian. To be a Christian is to help each other, one’s neighbours, brothers and sisters to cope with whatever rubbish life throws at us.

I work at a centre for vulnerable adults, those who are at the bottom of the heap. It is a centre which owes its very existence to people of faith. We do not evangelise per se. What we do is put our faith into practice - giving people who attend the centre a better quality of life. We offer people hope, a chance of a better life, not necessarily in the life to come, but the here and now. Would Mr Granville deny people that hope?

There are many people who believe in something. There are people who believe in little green men from outer space. I would not deride them. People choose to believe in whatever they wish and they should be free to do so, without the derision some would inflict. People have faith, live with it.

I would like to point out to Mr Granville that this country is still a Christian country whether he has come to terms with that fact or not. We have a monarch as head of state, a monarch who is Defender of Faith (Christian faith). Perhaps Mr Mike Granville would wish the disappearance of the monarchy, along with state funded faith schools. What next? The abolition of churches? The practice of faith (any faith) being made illegal?

One final point I would like to make. The crucifixion took place. Historical fact. The rest is a question of faith. We should not be derided for faith.