Who pays for my bus pass tickets?

From: R J Wakefield

Ranmoor Chase, Riverdale Road Sheffield S10

I have a Senior Citizen bus pass. Every time I use the pass on a bus I am given a ticket. Who pays for this? Do Stagecoach and First Bus send a bill to the council or SYPTE every month for concessionary journeys? If so, how much do they charge for each journey?

Even more mysteriously, if I travel by Northern rail I don’t receive any ticket. How do Northern Rail get recompensed for my journey?

Can somebody shed some light on this? If the council does get a bill for my travel, either directly or via the SYPTE precept, then every time I use my bus pass it costs council tax payers some money. If that’s the case, I might feel rather less inclined to take the bus for a few stops just because I feel lazy. Which, of course, would be better for me.