Who’s fooling who with traffic plans?

From: Roger Humphrey

Grove Road, Millhouses, Sheffield S7

As a regular driver on Ecclesall Road I started your item ‘Moves to smooth traffic flows on Ecclesall Road’ with interest and enthusiasm.

Easing of congestion on this main south west of the city arterial road, changes to bus lanes, road layouts, parking and signals, and shorter journey times

for cars and buses at peak times.

The Council and SYPTE together attempting (with public consultation) to smooth traffic flows on the ‘Ecclesall Road Smart Route’ ( whatever that is!).

Shortening roundabouts, removing bus lanes and parking spaces, changing lane markings, and improving traffic signal co-ordination, all aimed at reducing journey times on the whole corridor.

My enthusiasm heightened as I read on: “The project team want to make sure that a reduction in overall delays was realistic ... and improved journey time reliability is important for all vehicles.’’

Then, the crunch! Computer estimates indicate car drivers will save two minutes at peak times, buses up to one minute! Two whole minutes. Bring on the changes! At this stage in the piece I thought it was all a joke, and checked the date to confirm the calendar had not reached April.

A two minute time saving? I have waited more than two minutes at Banner Cross for a Veolia truck to crawl down Eccy Road, for a meat waggon to deliver carcasses, etc., etc. I ask, is it really worth spending all the time, effort and money so far expended by the Council and SYPTE in reaching this stage, let alone

the future costs of effecting the concluded improvements? The chaos whilst changes are carried out is another concern.

Come on Councillor Scriven et al, if you cannot do better than two minutes would it not be better to leave this project alone for the present, and start some repairs to our long-neglected, pot-holed, bone-shaking roads.

Or is that another April Fool joke?