Words in verse from secret poet

From: F Tee


SINCE being retired I have, on occasions, turned to penning poetry. I write under my pen name of Frederick Tee, as I daren’t use my own name because my immediate family would consider me certifiable.

The Birthright

The frost crept in and smote the thorn

With cold that long gone night

The night when heaven reached out to earth

An age when love was given by God

Given as were our right.

This frost came in and struck the thorn

Cold crushed the leaves bereft of warmth

While stars winked out their wintry glow

With whitest moon in etched deform

And coldest breath a hoary blow.

No trumpet blast or royal throng

No grant emblazoned throne

No royal crest for heir so blest

No servant here nor lauding crowd

But cold as hard as stone.

Deep in this night unfolding slow

Unknown to man but known to God

A woman gave a child in birth

A gift for all who dwell on earth

Whose bodies fall below the sod.

And do we care or do we think

Or consider long as best we should

Or else devise that wondrous link

Wherein our thoughts are for each one

With actions led by all that’s good.

For this the message that a child

Came to give in love and tears

Living through our life times span

Mysterious love enshrined in truth

Peace to quiet all our fears.

The Circle Of Life

In the morning of our caring

Cool with fragrance warm with sunlight

Clear and bright the early dawning

Clean the wind fresh from the east

In this time was born our sharing

Of a love which made us one

Of a love we bore together

Held in warmth shed from the sun.

Came the sultry heat of noontime

In the daytime of our feast

Wild our passions wide our vision

Love was rampant love was blinded

Love was savage as a beast

Torn with claws of jealous making

O’er our lives these wild songs sang

O’er our lives these hurts were raking

Nights were short while days were long.

In came coolness of the evening

Set in times of our love’s day

Not as then the heat of noontide

No more now those wasted hours

Lost in savage hurtful play

In its place casme warmth of being

Being close as part of one

Being close our thoughts together

In the warmth cast from love’s sun.