Your views on how to improve the health of residents across our city

Sheffield Health Vox Pop Dr Abi Watson with her daughters
Sheffield Health Vox Pop Dr Abi Watson with her daughters

This week, we asked ‘what is one thing that can be done to improve the health of Sheffield residents’. This is what you said . . .

Caroline Walker and Janet Makey

Sheffield Health Vox Pop Janet Makey and Caroline Walker

Sheffield Health Vox Pop Janet Makey and Caroline Walker

Friends Caroline Walker and Janet Makey, both of Ecclesall, said they wanted to see cheaper sporting facilities and improved swimming pools.

Janet, aged 60, said: “It depends which area of Sheffield you live in, but we live closest Heeley swimming pool and King Edwards swimming pool. At Heeley, there’s no parking so that makes it difficult and King Edwards is quite old-fashioned so it needs updating. I think if they sorted these things out it would encourage more people to go.”

Caroline added: “We don’t work any more so we want to go swimming during the day, but there’s nowhere to park. I don’t know how much it would cost to go swimming to be honest, but you would expect it to be cheap – or it should be.

“I’d like to see gyms offering for people to use their swimming pools for a small charge, or just for gyms to charge less. I want to be healthy, but I don’t want to pay £50 a month for a membership.”

Dr Abi Watson

Dr Abi Watson, aged 31, who works at Selborne Road Medical Centre, said she wanted people to be more aware of what services we have, and use them to help tackle obesity.

“I think we need to increase the knowledge of what is already out there. There’s the Alive and Kicking imitative run by Why Weight Sheffield, which is which is all about helping children to be healthy and maintain a healthy weight. For adults, there’s a program called Your Shape. I think obesity is one of the biggest problems we have, in adults and in children. If the parents are overweight their children are more likely to be overweight so everybody needs educating.

Dr Watson, who is mum to Ariella, aged three, and 17-month-old Anya, added: “I believe in following the Eat Well plate, so making sure you get five fruit and veg a day, drinking plenty of water and so on. Also, the Alive and Kicking programmes are great because they help the children but also give their parents nutritional advice. People just need to be aware of what’s already there.”

To find out more, go to Why Weight Sheffield

Gillian Blankley

Gillian Blankley, aged 69, of Crosspool, said she wanted to see more doctors and nurses.

“I think health provision in the city is already good, especially if you have a serious illness, however to improve it I think we need more doctors and nurses. We also need to spend the money we have more wisely. I think they should be more economical with what they do. For instance, my husband got 28 days worth on injections recently, but he only needed three. I don’t think they should be giving people medication when they don’t need it.”

William Blyth and Fraser Beaumont

University of Sheffield students William Blyth and Fraser Beaumont, both aged 18, were happy with the health service they had received.

Fraser said: “I’ve just moved to Sheffield, but I needed a meningitis jab and I got one very easily at the University health service so I was pleased.”

William added: “We’ve only just moved here in the last couple of weeks so I can’t say we’ve had to access any health services yet, but the first impressions are that it will be good. It’s good that they ask you to sign up to the doctors when you first come. I think everyone is just battling Fresher’s Flu at the moment.”