The Big Challenge: Mobilising a movement of change in Sheffield ... 12 May 2017 ... From now until Saturday, millions of people globally are joining in with actions
around the world with the single aim of trying to reduce investment in fossil fuel
companies and to increase the amount invested in renewable energy projects
and other, greener alternatives such as insulating homes.
The Big Challenge: Learning to tread more lightly - Sheffield ... 25 May 2017 ... Common Thread does slow fashion in style. We are a voluntary, community
project, that organises social exchanges of local clothing, repair workshops and
playful upcycling activities. We waste not, but live and laugh lots. Currently we
run a quarterly seasonal clothing exchange, and a monthly craft club on ...
The Big Challenge: Junction to our chosen future - Sheffield Telegraph 6 Apr 2017 ... In the March 23 edition of the Sheffield Telegraph we read an advertising feature
aiming to persuade us that a new motorway service station is just what Sheffield
needs. With a promise of £200000 a year for the Outdoor City and extra £1m in
business rates, what's not to like?
The Big Challenge: On song in Sheffield to bring about change ... 13 Oct 2016 ... When asked if Sheffield residents should take more responsibility to become
more eco-friendly, Isobel Thomas offers a considered response, stressing the
importance of clear communication. “We can all do a bit more to reduce our
impact on the environment, from switching to green energy tariffs to eating ...
The Big Challenge: Renewing the energy for change in Sheffield ... 15 Dec 2016 ... A strong sense of community is so abundant in Sheffield - as seen by the number
of community groups and projects,” said Jeana Malhi, considering the existing
strengths the city can draw on to boost the environment. “If the city taps into these
strengths the natural boost for the environment will be aided and ...
The Big Challenge: Sheffield's need for a message of hope ...
20 Oct 2016 ... “I think I would like to see a change in the way our society measures success,”
said Sean Ashton, mulling over the issue he would tackle if given a magic wand
to deal with global warming. “There are many caring and service professions
where people work really hard for little reward or recognition, whereas ...
The Big Challenge: Learning through trial and error - Sheffield ... 20 Apr 2017 ... There exists a famous Chinese proverb: tell me, I'll forget; show me, I'll remember;
let me do it, I'll understand. The Sheffield-based Schools & Homes Energy
Education Project, or Solar-Active, is a charitable social enterprise company
established in 1993, when Government funds were available to focus on ...
The Big Challenge: Fracking will never be the answer - Sheffield ...
2 Feb 2017 ... Let's talk about information. We refer to chemical firm INEOS's advertising around
its fracking proposals. The Royal Society and The Royal Academy of Engineering
Report 2012 states: “The probability of well failure is low for a single well if it is
designed, constructed and abandoned according to best ...
The Big Challenge: Food for thought on our climate - Sheffield ... 9 Feb 2017 ... It is great to see the fossil fuel debate feature so prominently in recent issues of
the Telegraph. Fuel and shelter are such basic human needs, but so are food
and water. Many people understand that fossil fuels must go, but are unaware of
the relationships between our food and climate change. Indeed ...
The Big Challenge: Time for more joined-up thinking on Sheffield's ... 8 Dec 2016 ... I've been living in Sheffield for 14 years now, but to me it's so vast that I feel I'm
learning new bits about the city every year. I've also been involved with Sheffield
Climate Alliance (and by extension Sheffield Campaign Against Climate Change)
for seven years and it's clear there are several 'camps' - there is ...
The Big Challenge: Holding on to country park dream in Sheffield ... 17 Nov 2016 ... “Bike rides bring communities together, I think,” said Paul Antcliffe, reflecting on
his work as a ride leader for British Cycling, a member of Cycle Sheffield and the
founder of the city region's Critical Mass Group, which aims be the friendliest
society of its kind on the planet. “In 2009, I was very ill due to ...
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