ATHLETICS: Ben bids to go one better

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Ben Shields (Rotherham), silver medallist in last year’s 100 metres, competes in the same event in the English Schools Championships at Gateshead on Friday and Saturday.

Shields is part of a strong South Yorkshire squad which has several other medal contenders.

Adam Hague (Rotherham), winner of the junior pole vault for the last two years, moves up to the intermediate age group where he will again challenge strongly.

Adam Khan (Sheffield), intermediate bronze medallist for two years, will be aiming for another triple jump medal, this time at senior level.

Another bronze medallist from last year, Elliott Payne (Sheffield) moves from the junior to intermediate ranks and switches from the high jump to the long jump.

Others expected to challenge for medals in the boys events include Nicolas Cole (Rotherham) in the senior pole vault and Aiden Davies (Doncaster) in the intermediate 400 hurdles.

Kelly Clark (Sheffield), fourth last year, aims to get among the medals in the senior girls 100 hurdles while javelin duo Kelly Bramhald (Doncaster) and Laura England (Barnsley) should do well.

Kristie Edwards (Rotherham), a finalist last year in the junior 100 metres, moves up to the intermediate age group where she is looking to add to a string of top class performances this year.

Sheffield’s Natalia Hackett is unable to defend her intermediate 3000 metres title due to illness and injury.

South Yorkshire team - senior boys - 100: Ben Shields (Rotherham); triple jump: Adam Khan (Sheffield); pole vault: Nicolas Cole (Rotherham); shot: Tom Kirk (Doncaster); Inter Boys - 100: Jake Canning (Doncaster); Elliott Wilson (Rotherham); Alex Cooper (Sheffield); 800: Joe Lancaster (Sheffield); 3000: Luke Cotter (Rotherham); Joshua Naisbitt (Sheffield); 400 hurdles: Aiden Davies (Doncaster); long jump: Elliott Payne (Sheffield); pole vault: Adam Hague (Rotherham).

Junior boys - 100: Lewis Paley (Barnsley); 400: Essa Ahmed (Sheffield); long jump: Matthew Miller (Barnsley), Samuel Linley (Sheffield); shot: Leo Rowley (Rotherham); hammer: Sam Lancaster (Sheffield); Oscar Bryce (Sheffield).

Senior girls - 100: Abigail Bishell (Rotherham), Lauren Frid (Barnsley); 200: Beth Bobbin (Doncaster); 800: Beth Ansell (Sheffield); Natash Hatswell (Rotherham); 100 hurdles: Kelly Clarke (Sheffield); shot: Nicole Bewely (Doncaster); javelin: Kelly Bramhald (Doncaster), Laura England (Barnsley).

Inter girls - 100: Kristie Edwards (Rotherham); 300 hurdles: Rebecca Hall (Sheffield); long jump: Amy Hodgson (Rotherham), Lucy Chappell (Doncaster).

Junior girls - high jump: Katie Bower (Sheffield); discus: Toni Buckingham (Barnsley).