Blofeld and Baxter talk Bond for one night only

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My dear old things... what a positively-splendid affair. Test Match Special commentator Henry Calthorpe Blofeld and his producer Peter Baxter, in conversation.

The evening is nostalgic, poignant, charming and belly-laugh hilarious, amid the copious tales of Aggers, Johnners, CMJ and John Arlott.

It’s like being invited to the aftermath of wonderful dinner party. You can almost whiff the brandy and cigars.

Bloers is on fine form, resplendent in velvet jacket and red trousers. It’s difficult to tell if we’re laughing at or with him, although he doesn’t mind.

He tells the one about his family name providing inspiration for James Bond’s arch nemesis Ernst Stavro.

“I was at a party with Ian Fleming, at his house in Jamaica. But that’s another story...”

Okay Henry, you’re invited back to tell it next time.