Awkward question for former world champion boxer - do you moisturise?

Of all the gormless questions I have posed over the years, this was probably my worst.

Clinton Woods, former world champion and hard as nails Sheffield bloke - are you wearing moisturiser?

Woods is a genuine Sheffield hero

Woods is a genuine Sheffield hero

It is hardly journalistically ground-breaking.

Or actually, all that relevant.

I was interviewing the former IBF light heavyweight banger at a Magna Centre event to raise funds for Herol Bomber Graham, who has been ill.

I couldn't help noticing the glisten on big Clinton's face - and before I could stop myself had asked the question.

Luckily, he saw the funny side of my impertience and no stiff jab or crisp was uppercut delivered.

In fact what a sport he is - who else would admit they cried after they had just sold their holiday caravan?