Big-hitting Kell is ready to stop ‘The Train’

Big test: Kell Brook says he is relishing tonight's challenge.
Big test: Kell Brook says he is relishing tonight's challenge.
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Kell Brook gets a second chance on Saturday to KO a world-ranked fighter who has never been stopped before.

The Sheffield welterweight couldn’t manage it against tough African Lovemore N’Dou. at Hillsborough, last June.

But he gets the opportunity to do it against Rafal Jackiewicz at Ponds Forge tonight - the Pole has never been halted in 48 fights.

“He is durable, holds his hands tight, is tough, comes forward and hits like a train,” said Brook, aged 25.

“But I love a challenge and I am ready for it - I want to be the first man to stop him. But I have respect for him - he is like a wine, he gets better with age.”

Jackiewicz, aged 34, is ready for the scrap of his life.

“I’m looking for big fights like this,” said Jackiewicz.

“If I win, it would open the doors to big title shots and big-money fights.”

“If my weight, fitness and mind are right, I will be too much for Brook,” he added.

“It is very important for me to win – if I lose people will say I am finished.

“If it’s a questionable loss, I will continue though.”

“Krzysztof Bienias (who Brook beat in Liverpool last year) said he’s very hard- hitting, but I think I have a great chance.

“His chin is out there sometimes and I think I can break him, as he has not met a test like me yet.

“Lovemore N’dou is a lot older than me and he was only interested in surviving when they fought.

“I am a much harder fighter than N’dou and will be too strong for Brook.

“Krzysztof was too slow and wasn’t involved in the fight.

“Brook got tired though and I think the referee stopped the fight prematurely as I don’t believe Krzysztof was finished then.

“He probably would’ve lost but he would’ve tested Brook’s stamina. However, he never got that chance.

“Brook’s fitness is not in question now after fighting N’dou. The difference between the start of his career and now is big. He has improved dramatically, but I really believe I can beat him.”

The Pole added: “Kell is a great boxer and he’ll have the home support, but people will see the fight and make their own judgement.

“I will fight my normal game.

“If I follow my plan I will beat Brook.”