‘Bomber’ quits Ingle gym for Dronfield

Adam Etches: returning to S18 gym in Dronfield
Adam Etches: returning to S18 gym in Dronfield

Adam Etches has quit the Ingle gym to go back to being trained by Andy Marlow, at S18 in Dronfield.

“There are a few reasons for it, but I have not fallen out with them or burned any bridges” the ‘Birley Bomber’ said.

“I just fancied a change; I was going a bit stale. There are a lot of kids in the gym and sometimes it’s hard to get a fair share of training and Dom’s (Ingle) time. There were no hard feelings though and I’ll be on Kell Brook’s undercard on October 26.

Etches is aware of the repeated calls for him to fight another Sheffield middleweight, Jez Wilson, 34. “Yes, it may be a great fight for Sheffield, but would it be a good fight for Adam Etches?” he said. “I know I would beat Jez and 90% of other people in Sheffield think the same.

“I’ve nothing to gain from beating him, unless there was a British title on the line, then that would be different. Richard Poxon (matchmaker) offered the fight to Jez’s camp a while ago, but nothing came of it, so how much do they really want it anyway?

“All it would be is a decent pay day for Jez in what would be his Cup Final.

“At the the end of the day, you wouldn’t see Kell Brook wanting to fight Lee Purdy, for instance...what would be in it for Kell? It would be taking a step back.”

Etches will box unbeaten Italian Piero Mucci, on the Brook undercard.