BOXING: Diet plan for Brook

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Sheffield’s Ryan Rhodes insists that his friend and fellow boxer, Kell Brook, can still go on to dominate the world welterweight division, if he can improve his nutrition and preparation.

Brook beat the American Carson Jones in a gruelling contest at the Arena last Saturday. but began to run out of steam near the end and his performance was condemned by his own promoter and the likes of Amir Khan.

Rhodes said: “I rated his performance in the first six rounds at nine out of ten. He was punch perfect, but then all of a sudden he hit a brick wall and had nothing left. What he proved, though, was that when it gets tough he can dig deep and take a punch. I know that having trained and sparred with him. Now the public know it too.”

Rhodes knows all about having to make weight for big contests.

“When somebody has struggled to make weight you can always tell in the second half of the fight,” he says. “The power goes and they don’t move anywhere near as much. Kell doesn’t normally hang on the ropes like he did last Saturday.”

So can Brook compete with the best? Rhodes answered: “If he does the weight right, he can dominate the welterweights.”

Rhodes, aged 35, admits being ringside for the high-octane fight gave him the itch to get back in the ring.

“Being at a show like that makes you think ‘I still want to do this’,” he said. “I’ve made no decision just yet, though, and our season has just finished which means there won’t be many shows until around September. So I’m not making any rash decisions and will have a good break before I decide.”