Boxing giant Richard Towers learns a 'new' trade - helping others

Richard Towers in action
Richard Towers in action

Former Sheffield heavyweight Richard Towers is being trained..on how to be a trainer.

The 6ft 8ins retired fighter has been under the wing of Adam Booth down south for a while and is now taking advice from Rotherham's Dave Coldwell.

"I'm so grateful that these experienced world class trainers - who have seen an awful lot - believe in me enough to help me out" he says.

"Brendan Ingle would always be telling me that one day I'd make a good trainer because I was always helping others in the gym and I think that stood out to him quite a lot because it was like he was always pushing me in that direction.

"He'd pull me aside and tell me some really nice things about me being good with others and having the time and patience to go over to other kids and give them little bits of advice. "Brendan would explain that it wasn't just about making champions, it was about helping people in life and giving them whatever support could make a difference to them" said Towers.

"It's definitely something I've always wanted to do but it's only in last few years that I've sat down and paid attention to others and learnt from them so it can make me the best I can possibly be."

Coldwell, who is delighted with Towers' progress, is looking forward to working closely with his new lodger.

"He's been a breath of fresh air in this gym and he's got the place really buzzing of a night when he brings his lads in. You can see he's desperate to learn and he's picking up things really quickly and he's not afraid to ask questions.

"He's going to be assisting in the corner when some of my guys are fighting and that wouldn't be happening if I didn't fully 100% believe in him.

"The gym is thriving at the moment as my guys are in during the day and then Richard brings his own fighters in afterwards so he can work on them.

"He's speaking to me everyday and I'm impressed so much with what he already knows so it's going to be good watching him develop as a trainer with his own group of fighters."

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