Boxing: Win or quit, Sheffield’s Kell Brook told - VIDEO

This is it: Kell Brook. Picture: Sarah washbourn
This is it: Kell Brook. Picture: Sarah washbourn

IN the testosterone-driven world of boxing, you get used to hearing punchy statements and macho claims, writes Bob Westerdale.

But Dominic Ingle proved a true champion in the art at yesterday’s press conference featuring his boxer Kell Brook and opponent Hector Saldivia.

VIDEO: Watch the Kell Brook and Hector Saldivia press conference highlights - CLICK HERE.

Ingle, taking a leaf out of his dad Brendan’s book, was telling the media at Sheffield Arena that the Brook who fights at the venue on Saturday will be a very different animal to the one who struggled there last time (a distinctly average win over Carson Jones.)

Ingle reeled off details of Brook’s new diet and fitness regime, insisting that all obstacles to Brook becoming a world champion had been addressed.

If he fought Jones now, it would be over in four rounds. Brook’s heart rate and recovery powers were nothing short of miraculous. He was fully energised in body and in mind, said Ingle.

After everything sports science could throw at him, he had come out the other side a different fighter.

All strong quotes for the news corps. But then came the Ingle cracker. “If he doesn’t win on Saturday, he might as well pack up his gloves, there is nothing else he can do.”

A jaw dropping piece of theatre that Brook will now have to live up to when he and Saldivia contest the final eliminator for the IBF world title.

Promoter Eddie Hearn, a polished professional at promoting events, couldn’t come close to matching that, but he did agree that fans had only seen 60 per cent of what the Grenoside welterweight was capable of.

Argentinian Saldivia seemed unfazed as a translator passed on Sheffield’s words of wisdom.

His take on the situation was less headline-making, but delivered with a chilling focus.

“I have been waiting for this fight for a long time...and I am in the best form of my life,” he said. “I am going to give it a very good shot.”