Crossroads fight for Cameron

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LIAM Cameron claims that he hasn’t had a life since turning professional - but is positive it’ll all be worth it.

The former ABA champion, aged 21, faces a crossroads fight this Saturday at the Don Valley Stadium as both city bragging rights and the Central Area middleweight title are at stake.

In the opposing corner is Glyn Rhodes’ fighter Jez Wilson, a noted banger and eleven years older than Cameron.

For both it’s a big fight but Cameron, pictured, has time on his side to win more titles and he claims this is only the first step and is prepared to sacrifice everything to get to the top.

“For three years I haven’t really had a life. I sacrifice everything for boxing and if fights are won on hard work then I’ll win it in the first round,” he said.

“I’m not looking past Jez, I’d be foolish to because he can punch but he only brings one thing to the fight and that’s to put pressure on.

“I can do that, I can box at range and I can fight on the inside and if I land clean on the chin I’ll take people out.”

Ticket buyers will have to make their minds up as to whether they want to see this eagerly anticipated fight or the quarter-final of the European Championships.

Clinton Woods-trained Cameron feels a sense of deja vu for this fight.

He says that people were predicting his downfall against Doncaster’s Jason Ball and the same voices will be silenced again.

“Loads of people said that Jason was going to come and take the fight to me. He did, but he couldn’t keep it up and I’d knocked him out before the end of the first round,” said the Blade.

“You can take the fight to me, but you won’t be able to do it for very long. I’m sure the arena will still be packed despite the football, and they’re in for a good night. Lewis Taylor and Jamie Sampson from my gym are on the same bill and they’re coming along as fighters too.”

Ryan Hardy, Hassan Ahmed and Reagan Denton, all from Sheffield, are also set to feature.