Dennis Hobson column: Liam Cameron’s jab will determine whether he wins Sheffield fight

Liam Cameron uses his jab against Harry Matthews
Liam Cameron uses his jab against Harry Matthews

Which match will be the star attraction for local fight fans in your show at Hillsborough Leisure Centre on Saturday?

Both Lewis Taylor and Liam Cameron’s fights are very competitive. Lewis’ fight [v Sunderland’s Jonson McClumpha] is a guaranteed humdinger. Two evenly-matched kids, it’s meaningful because it’s an English title eliminator and it’s a great fight. I’m looking for Liam to show his pedigree against Tobias Webb in their British eliminator.

Technically, how do you see the Cameron versus Webb fight going?

If Liam establishes his jab, he should break Webb down. If he shows the pedigree we know he’s got then he’ll come of age. All the best fighters in history, no matter how short or long their arms, had decent jabs. Even Tyson had a great jab he opened people up with. Liam has a great jab when he works it, and he punches hard when he plants his feet. The jab is the shot that will dictate this fight, and it will be the winning or losing of this fight for Liam.

When Webb has stepped up – against Rocky Fielding and Callum Smith – he’s been stopped early. Are you looking for the same from Liam?

That would be a bonus, but a win is the main thing. If he can have a bit more devilment, then he could do a number on him. Webb is a decent fighter though, he’ll have learned from losses against quality kids and he’ll be looking to get himself back in the frame. He shouldn’t be underestimated - I don’t think this fight is a foregone conclusion.

Has Liam conquered all of his demons at super middle?

He’ll never conquer his demons because he’s a Sheffield United fan! Seriously though, he needed to grow up a lot and he’s done that. He’s settled down, and that’s done him the world of good. This fight will tell us whether he’s established himself mentally, and he needs to win a fight like this. His confidence is sky-high at the moment, but winning a meaningful fight like this will give him a lot more.

Does Ramzy Nassa have anything distinctive about him?

He has great support and comes to fight. He needs a bit more experience to fulfil his potential, but is a very intelligent kid. Keith Palmer trains him but he’s been up to my gym and I took him on the pads and anything you tell him he absorbs. There’s a lot more to come. He’s stylish and with a bit more experience he’ll win at a local title, and hopefully move on to domestic titles.

You have managed to get Femi Fehintola active again: can he go places now after his absence from the sport?

I think he’ll win an English and maybe, if things fall into place, another British title. It’s just about getting him the right fight at the right time. He’s so dedicated and he’s like a spring chicken. There’s still mileage in him and he’s still learning. He’s a pal too, I’m very close to Femi, he’s like family and if he can win something, like Ross has done, that will be special for me.

Ryan Farrag fights next week, he’s called out Ross the Boss. Is he unworthy, as the Boss suggests?

Ryan expected Ross to fight him at short notice. Previously, it was fortunate that Ross was in the gym when he won the Commonwealth [at four days notice] because he was already training for a fight. If I’m going to put Farrag in with Ross then I’ll do it on my show. I’ve worked hard to get Ross the opportunity and I won’t let anyone else benefit unless it suits everybody. If Ryan gets a title then maybe, but he hasn’t got anything at the moment.