Dennis Hobson column on Kid Galahad, Kell Brook, Amir Khan, Ross Burkinshaw and Anthony Joshua

Kid Galahad: failed drug test
Kid Galahad: failed drug test

Kid Galahad faces a two year ban - could he be an elite competitor after that long?

Muhammad Ali had to have stint out of the ring and look at what he went on to achieve. I think Galahad can come back as long as he keeps his feet on the ground. He’ll still have his profession, he’s got a lot of ability and in a couple of years he can start from where he left off, and then move on. I think he’ll be fine because he’s young enough.

Ross Burkinshaw accepted responsibility for ignoring his corner’s advice in his loss against Klaas Mboyane. How do you change his mindset?

He’s still young enough at 28 and you never stop learning. He’s with a new team and has come a long way in a short space of time. Now he’s learned a harsh lesson. The opponent wasn’t the best for him in terms of style, stature and was a southpaw. I think he should’ve looked at his opponent and said to himself ‘I’ve got to take notice of my corner.’ He didn’t and paid the price. It’s derailed our plans but it’s not the end of his career. He’s still in the WBO top 10 and it’s just working out where we go. Once his injury sorted we’ll move on. I’m not dismissing a rematch with Mboyane, but it’s not paramount. Ross wants to put the record straight, but it’s not definitely the way we’ll go because of other options.

Kell Brook v Amir Khan. Will it ever happen?

It should happen and, I’m not just saying this, I think if I were involved then there’d be more chance of it happening. I’m friends with Amir and with Kell; there’s politics that’s stopping it happening. If Kell boxed another marquee name then I think, not just from the UK, but pressure from the US would dictate that the fight happens. Kell did what he had to do against Frankie Gavin who isn’t a natural welterweight and looked impressive getting rid of him, so out of their last two fights [Khan beat Chris Algieri in May] you have to be more impressed with Kell’s performance. But Khan has fought at a higher level for a longer time. It’s a toss of the coin in terms of who wins but, being from Sheffield, I’d like Kell to triumph. But he could do with another couple of big fights to gain extra experience to beat Khan.

Which local boxer gets your taste buds going?

On our July 4 show we have unbeaten Sam Sheedy boxing Nav Mansouri for the English light-middleweight title. If he comes through then we’ll be looking at the British and a world rating quickly because he’s a talent. Also coming under the radar but now starting to make waves is our flyweight Waleed Din,(7-0 with five KOs.)

He’s served his apprenticeship and we’re now going for titles. He’s a potential superstar in the making. He’s got star quality, he looks the part, is affable, and he can box and take people out with either hand. He’s exciting and has got a bit of everything.

Compare Anthony Joshua with other British heavyweights in the modern era, and where do you think he stands?

I think he’s in the top three, probably joint third with David Price. It’s hard to tell until he’s been in with someone with some ambition; his last opponent Kevin Johnson was a good talker. He should be fighting someone like Tony Thompson who’s getting on a bit but still has credibility. The problem with the heavyweights though is there’s a big gap between the elite half-a-dozen and the rest who are sometimes just knockovers.

Dereck Chisora would be a good opponent. Dillian Whyte would be a great fight but it might be a bit too early for Dillian, who I’d let have another couple of fights first. I think he’d be helping Joshua’s case by fighting him now and, at the moment, Joshua beats him.