Dronfield boxer taunts Sheffield title rival

Rod Smith has lit the fuse before his “derby” scrap with Liam Cameron by claiming his rival couldn’t knock a fly out!

Liam Cameron has boxed four times as many professional opponents as Smith, but it is clear that doesn’t mean much to the underdog.

Rod Smith, left, in action

Rod Smith, left, in action

“He thinks he has got me summed up already that I am coming for a war and that, (but) I can outclass him at boxing, out-muscle him, anything

I want to do, I will do on that night” said Dronfield’s Smith.

“He is a good boxer but that is all he has got really, he hasn’t got power. He is saying he is going to knock me out but he can’t knock flies out!”

Smith has a greenhorn W4 L0 record, while Cameron, 23, of Manor Park, Sheffield, has 15 wins and two losses and has been on the pro scene three years longer.

Cameron has boxed over 10 rounds, while Smith has never gone further than four.

But 22-year-old Smith’s confidence is not shaken.

“It’s not a challenge for me, I have trained harder than ever. I have always felt the longer the fight the better and I can’t wait to do these 10 easy rounds.

“He has got experience, he turned pro before I did, but he hasn’t fought anybody worth talking about (except) Jez Wilson, who gave him a good hiding. We all know ho is better than him and on the night I am going to prove it.”

Smith said he had been firing on all cylinders during an eight week training camp.

He had improved his head movement and was “slicker” than during his previous four wins.

“It’s been great sparring, I’ve trained harder than ever, and I am as fit as can be.”

He acknowledged he had not had the “luxury” of sparring with the Ingle gym’s top performer Kell Brook, as Cameron has, but added: “I have been sparring Adam Etches, Lewis Taylor, Chad Gaynor. Chad comes down and gives me some good rounds, good sparring.

“Chad takes Kell all the way, over six, eight or ten rounds. It is toe to toe against him, which I have asked for.”

Cameron has dismissed Smith as little other than a “game kid” - who isn’t really at his level.

He thinks the fight at iceSheffield on December 13 will present a straight-forward route to the vacant international Masters middleweight title that is on offer.

But “Razor” Smith insists he is planning to “breeze through it...what I am going to do to him he won’t last four rounds.”