Eddie Hearn ponders pre-Christmas Kell Brook return

Brook and Saunders in camp
Brook and Saunders in camp

Eddie Hearn is pinning his hopes on a Kell Brook return to the ring in December.

Sheffield’s former world champion has yet to make himself clear on whether he is to campaign again after losses to Errol Spence Jr and Gennady Golovkin.

However, he appears to be making steps in that direction, joining in the Billy Joe Saunders’ training camp in Fuerteventura.

Dom Ingle, who trains both Brook and Saunders, tentatively described Brook as “picking up the pieces.”

“Obviously I keep in touch with Eddie Hearn, the promoter, he is looking for a December date for Kell” said Ingle. “But that will depend on Kell getting himself back into shape.

“And we needed a start point. He needs to start training now, he has come out for the last couple weeks of Billy Joe Saunders’ training camp” the coach told IFL TV.

“It is a great crack, they get on like a house on fire, it has motivated Kell as well because someone else is going through what he has to go through.”

“Kell is picking his feet up and is starting into it slowly...hopefully he needs to get back in the ring in December. Hopefully Eddie is going to put him in a fight, get him back on his feet and then look for that big fight in the Spring.”

Ingle said he has used the “blueprint” of training Brook on Saunders, who defends his WBO middleweight title against Willie Monroe Jr on September 16.

“When Billy walked into camp overweight and unconditioned I can imagine some people wanting to turn round and walk out the door. It’s a challenge for us as long as he is prepared to put in the work.”

Ingle said BJS had been staggered by the controlled weight loss managed by Brook before he fought Spence.

“He said to me ‘What’s the trick, how does Kell get into fantastic shape?’

“I said t: ‘Look, it is hard work and dedication, motivation, focus - it’s not a game you can play at 50%.’

Since arriving in the Ingle camp, “Billy has switched on, he has stuck to the programme...he looks better now, three weeks before the fight, than he normally does when he steps on the scales.”

*Saunders has hinted at sustaining a long-term training relationship with the Ingle - and says he’s pleased to see Brook going through his paces in hot weather camp.

“Kell is a friend of mine, he is over here training, getting back into camp, staying on it, which I am pleased to see.”