English champion? Dave is not even best in Sheffield!

Dave Fidler would dearly love to be crowned England’s light middleweight champion.

But he has to confess: he’s not the best in that division in his home city Sheffield - let alone the nation.

Dave Fidler, boxer from Shiregreen, Sheffield

Dave Fidler, boxer from Shiregreen, Sheffield

Fidler, who boxes Barnsley’s Lee Noble at iceSheffield on February 7, has had his sights trained on the English belt held by Rotherham’s Nav Mansouri. Mansouri defends the trinket on the same iceSheffield show, against Matthew ‘Buster’ Mallin, from Stairfoot, Barnsley.

Fidler says winning that in any future contest would be a dream come true,

Yet he admits former stablemate Sam Sheedy is probably a better candidate. “Sam’s got eyes on that and he’s a brilliant fighter,” Fidler said on video at thestar.co.uk.

Referring to any possible fight between him and Sheedy he said: “We have talked to each other and said it would never happen. And if it did, I’d want a lot of money to box Sam...because he is excellent!

“We both used to avoid each other in sparring. We had mutual respect, both southpaw styles would clash, it wouldn’t be pretty, it would be stand-offish and I’d be worried about making a move.

“I’d put my hand on my heart and say he’s better than me. Sam’s one of the best boxers around. I’d fight Sam if the money was right but I’d have to dig deep!”

Fidler, 35, is currently trained by Ryan Rhodes. He occasionally spars with him and says the former champion has still “got moves like Jagger!”

He said: “He is dedicated, on it 100 percent, watches me like a hawk, teaching me new things. He is not trying to change my style, but he is trying to polish it.

He said he was working on his jab and back-hand.

“Soon as I go down there I know I am for a tough time. I love going to the gym but at the same time I dread it, I know I am for some serious pain. He is trying to develop my style, I am trying to move a lot more but he doesn’t want to change me too much because I have been successful getting to where I am today.”