Exciting year ahead for Rotherham boxer

That's my boy: Promoter Dave Coldwell with ''Chad Gaynor
That's my boy: Promoter Dave Coldwell with ''Chad Gaynor

Dave Coldwell predicts a busy year for prospect Chad Gaynor.

The Rotherham fighter was no slouch last year, he boxed six times, including two televised bouts on Prizefighter, one of which, he lost, to Sunderland’s Glenn Foot.

Gaynor, 22, a sparring partner for Sheffield’s Kell Brook, is looking for a title as he develops after 15 fights (one loss.)

Promoter Coldwell said: “2013 was the year that Chad showcased his talents to a large audience when he excelled in a quality welterweight version of Prizefighter. He was narrowly defeated in the semi-final against eventual winner but the way he performed was met with tons of admiration throughout the boxing community.

“The 147lb division in Britain is simmering well and opportunities lie ahead for Gaynor. Many are desperate to see a rematch with Foot over the longer distance and that could become a reality with the possibility of a title also being at stake. Gaynor has proved that he has the class to succeed and he also has the look and personality to potentially become a star.”