Five things Kell Brook must do to beat Gennady Golovkin

Kell Brook - five assets to use. Pic: Steve Paston/PA Wire
Kell Brook - five assets to use. Pic: Steve Paston/PA Wire

Details of Kell Brook’s game plan for defeating middleweight maestro Gennady Golovkin are a closely-guarded secret.

For many boxing fans, it is difficult to identify how the career-welterweight can pull off such a daunting task, at London’s 02 Arena.

But Dave Coldwell, who trained Brook in a spell away from the Ingle camp - guiding him towards a British title in 2008 - has come up with five elements that he believes Kell must observe if he is to triumph. Coldwell says his friend must:

1: “Control the pace of the fight - because if Kell allows Golovkin to establish a relentless high-tempo stream of attacks he will be in trouble. GGG will want to get on top of him and pressure him at his own pace. Brook will have to operate the way Chris Eubank (Snr) used to do, moving around, nipping and picking up points.

Ingle fighters are good at this.

2: “Establish a thunderous jab and time it with swift foot-movement - he has to keep GGG distant. We’re not talking hit and run here: Kell has got a fast, heavy jab and using that while maintaining his angles, along with constant head movement, making GGG fall short, will help.

Dave Coldwell - willing Brook on to victory

Dave Coldwell - willing Brook on to victory

3: Hurt the Kazakh early on and then jump on him: GGG can be hit...we’ve seen this before and he may be vulnerable to the upper cut as he comes in. Kell has got to get his respect. He needs to surprise him with his power and speed. Golvkin is a master at adapting to his opponents so Kell needs to capitalise on his best assets early doors and finish him in six rounds.”

4: “Be ruthless. Kell throws shots you don’t actually see - so hopefully Golovkin will walk on to one of those. When he does, Kell has to get rid of him straight away. However take maximum care while on top: Golovkin has been nailed by hard punches before but has a habit of throwing his own, even harder, immediately after.

5: “Hold on to him if necessary - Kell simply has to find a way to shut down GGG’s attack and spoil anything dangerous coming his way.

Coldwell said: “I see Kell as an underdog, but a ‘live one’ that has a chance.”

He added: “If he uses his counter-punch speed and keeps that distance he has a stronger chance” said Coldwell who will be in Gavin McDonnell’s corner on the 02 undercard.