It’ll be curtains for Curtis, says rival’s trainer

THE nature of the fight between former Blades midfielder Curtis Woodhouse and Frankie Gavin this Saturday won’t matter – Woodhouse will lose regardless, according to Gavin’s trainer Anthony Farnell.

The welterweight bout for the WBO Inter-Continental title is part of the undercard of world champion Ricky Burns’ title defence against Nicky Cook at Liverpool’s Echo Arena and has already threatened to upstage the main event.

Woodhouse practically talked himself into a fight with Britain’s only ever amateur world champion Gavin. After beating Doncaster’s Stefy Bull last year, Woodhouse called out a ringside Gavin and the fight was made.

Injury to Woodhouse delayed the initial fight but the pair were destined to meet down the line.

Gavin’s credentials in boxing are unparalleled. Aside from the world title he won, he also picked up Commonwealth gold in 2006 and is considered the most successful British amateur of all time. A world title as a pro is predicted as his destiny.

Although born in Birmingham, southpaw Gavin, 25, is trained by former middleweight champion Farnell in Failsworth, Greater Manchester. Farnell believes that the gulf in amateur schooling will be the difference.

“I won two amateur titles but only had about 25 fights before I turned pro and that’s nothing really, he said.

“Curtis didn’t have any amateur fights whereas Frankie won everything. It’s alright sparring with Ryan Rhodes but it is not real fighting. Once he gets in that ring he’s going to find out what Frankie is all about.”

During the press conference Woodhouse mocked Farnell over his first round defeat to Mehrdud Takaloo back in 2001 before boasting to Gavin that he earned a very good wage at his beloved Birmingham City.

Farnell believes all that was a ploy to get under their skins as that’s the only way he could win the fight. He’s studied Curtis meticulously and believes that the chinks in his armour will be exploited by the unbeaten Gavin.

“I’ve watched just about all of his fights. I’ve been phoning people up for dvds and watching them to see what mistakes he makes and there are so many.

“If Curtis wants to have a war with Frankie, Frankie will still win. That’s the only thing Curtis knows to do. He’s going to charge in and walk onto shots, then it’ll be double the power when they land on him.

“Frankie will go out there and box his head off. When Curtis wants to fight, Frankie will box and when Curtis wants to box, Gavin will fight.

“He’s just got to do it when he wants to do it and pick his moments in the fight.

“Everyone has a chance in boxing even if you’ve got no power. You can land the shot plush and your opponent goes down, and in fairness, Curtis has some power behind him, but Frankie is a level above him. Personally I’d have liked to have seen Frankie boxing for a European title this time around but Curtis is first and he’ll have to get rid of him.”