‘It’s no good looking after a Ferrari until race day, then bunging red diesel in it:’ indisputable logic from Sheffield-based world champion boxer

Amer Khan, Kell Brook, Billy Joe Saunders - Ingle men
Amer Khan, Kell Brook, Billy Joe Saunders - Ingle men

From his new ‘home’ perched up in Kid Galahad’s attic, Billy Joe Saunders has a different view of the world.

But it’s not the panorama of Wincobank rooftops and streets that has captivated him.

It’s the way of life that Galahad and others observe at Sheffield’s Ingle gym.

Saunders has not always lived the life, nutritionally speaking, of a world champion boxer. But that’s all changing for the southerner as he embraces the Ingle way.

“I love being here, I have made some good friends, everybody is on the same level” said Saunders, in training to defend his WBO middleweight title against Willie Monroe Jr on September 16.

“Everybody’s work ethic is second to none. It just shows you the way you have to live. I look at the likes of Kid Galahad - the day after he boxed he was back in the gym. The very next day, sparring and just carrying on as normal!

Kid Galahad, picture by Richard Poxon

Kid Galahad, picture by Richard Poxon

“That is the sort of life you have to live and when I am here, that is the life I do live. I took myself out of my comforts, come to Sheffield, but I love it. It reminds me of the Olympic days” said Saunders, 27, who represented GB at the 2008 Games.

“I’m no stranger to the area...this is where it all started getting big. It brings back memories.”

A key factor in his camp has been nutrition. “Greg Marriott looks after my diet, he does Kell Brook’s, he does Terry Flanagan’s” he told Boxnation. “He is very good at his job.”

Saunders said there was a direct relationship between dietician and trainer so that he always had enough energy for specific workouts. “That’s another element I am bringing to my game now, clean food at the right time. I am doing it proper.”

There would be no “Nandos or pizzas” after weigh in, he said. “I now know that if you are going to take a Ferrari to a race track it’s no good looking after it all the way to race day and then bunging red diesel in it.”

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