Kid’s rival gives him the slip - but not for long...

In the blue corner, at Hillsborough, sat Kid Galahad. In the red corner, Liverpudlian Gazza Dickens’ seat lay empty.

Boxers are supposed to be good at giving their opponent the slip and avoid any barrage directed towards them.

Kid Galahad meets the press ahead of his fight. Pic: Dean Atkins

Kid Galahad meets the press ahead of his fight. Pic: Dean Atkins

But that’s normally in the ring. Not the press conference.

The boxing media promotion, held at Napoleon’s casino, Owlerton to herald the British superbantamweight contest at

Magna, Rotherham on Saturday, suffered the embarrassment of one of the fighters not turning up.

Dickens’ rather sheepish manager said he’d had a text saying the fighter’s car had broken down on the Pennines.

There was “no signal” for him to authenticate this, he claimed.

Not surprisingly, the Ingle clan representing Galahd (Barry Awad) suggested it was a cover story for a 22-year-old fighter who was struggling to meet the weight and didn’t fancy being in Sheffield two days before combat.

Dominic Ingle, Galahad’s trainer, said: “It is disappointing he’s not turned up. It does sound a bit dodgy that he has been held up on the motorway but at the end of the day some fighter prepare in different ways. They don’t like to leave their comfort zone. It can’t be a pleasure for him to come to Sheffield and face one of the top super bamtanweights in the country.

“Jazza didnt turn up for the press conference, he didnt turn up at the gym last week for some filming for Channel 5.

“It is well documented Jazza is not good at making the weight. He’s probably in a sweat shop somewhere in Liverpool.

When a fighter is struggling to make his weight the last thing gthey want to do is leave their comfort zone. He won’t want to be coming to Sheffield in unfamiliar circumstances, thinking can I find a sauna to get this weight off? We know that Jazza is goign to struggle to make the weight” said Ingle.

“After six or seven rounds when he runs out of gas, that’s when Barry is going to KO him. It will be a good fight while it lasts”

Ingle said that boxer wanting to make his name on the world stage, shouldn’t be struggling to get to press conferences - in America the interst was “24/7” he said.

Galahad, 23, was confident of winning the British title and going on to the European scene.

“Jazza can’t beat me, if he wants to stand and have a fight I’ll have one. He might try and outbox me but on that night

I will guarantee he will get sparked out.”

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