Not much pride and plenty of prejudice: Billy Joe Saunders’ title defence marred by trash talk

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The run-up to the Billy Joe Saunders v David Lemieux world title fight is being soured by the now-familiar name-calling, taunts and prejudice.

Sheffield-trained Saunders retaliated after being labelled a “peasant” tweeting the hashtag #frog to the French Canadian.

The Ingle man defends his WBO World Middleweight Title against the Montreal man in his own back yard on December 16.

Lemieux upped the ante by posting on his social media site: “Two weeks away fight fans - can’t wait to show you guys how I will destroy this peasant.

“Billy Joe Saunders, you’re a dead man.”

Saunders replied: ”Very unprofessional when your team had a death on their show few weeks ago, but I will put you in your place #Frog,” said Saunders.

The Brit is being supported in his pre-fight camp in Canada by Sheffield’s former world champion Kell Brook.

Brook has been linked with a fight with London-born Ashley Theophane.

The Las Vegas-based light middleweight, a former British title holder, added the German International Super Welterweight Title to his CV last weekend - his 50th contest.

On his blog, he says he is being courted by Brook’s promoter Eddie Hearn. “2017 has been an interesting year for me. UK promoter, Eddie Hearn seems obsessed to get me back home to compete. I appreciate the attention” said Theophane.

“It’s over six years since I fought in London, as British champion at Wembley Arena.”

n Ex Sheffield world champion Clinton Woods is at the House of Commons today to address MPs following the publication of his book “Into the Woods.”

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