Ready for South Yorkshire heavyweight derby

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DONCASTER heavyweight Carl Spencer is setting his sights pretty high - Sheffield’s 6ft 8ins champion Richard Towers, to be precise.

The three-match rookie, from Bentley, is an admirer of Towers and aspires to be on the upward journey Towers appears to be on.

And the fact that Spencer, age 26, beat Towers, when the pair were amateurs, is only spurring him on further.

Spencer, the former Carcroft amateur is 6ft 7ins tall himself, so wouldn’t be intimated by boxers of Towers’ size either.

“Richard is further down the line than me (the Ingle fighter has a 14-match unbeaten record and is the reigning European Union champion.)

“And I wouldn’t try and say I was better than him now - but I have the potential to be.

“And, really, I think that there is nothing all that special in the heavyweight division domestically or across the world, when you look at those out there.

“So I think I would do well against many of them as I continue to improve and go up the rankings.”

Spencer added: “Richard is a good boxer, though. He throws a good variety of shots and deserves more than the opportunities he’s had so far.

“He wouldn’t be out of place against the likes of Tyson Fury or David Price.

“People would expect Richard to win if he boxed me, but I’d love to put that to the test- I really like being the underdog.”

Towers got to where he is today after a checkered personal lifestyle which saw him serve a long prison sentence - something he warns youngsters against these days.

While Spencer hasn’t mirrored the path Towers once took, he was certainly no angel, either.

“I used to get into fights at clubs and pubs, with lads who would jump me or bouncers. I am not proud of any of that.

“I had some idiot friends who would steal cars, but I didn’t get involved in any of that.

“And as soon as I started boxing I stopped all the trouble.

“My amateur trainer Eddie King (former pro welterweight) and now my present trainer Kevin Burton deserve credit for helping me” said the former plasterer.

Spencer has KOd his first two opponents and says: “I’d like to go a few rounds and I know I can do that. But the trouble is I just KO people - its not my fault!

“On the other hand you are not paid extra for overtime so I do what I have to as quick as I can.”