Sheffield/Barnsley boxer’s fight against cancer

Lee Noble with boxing buddies including Kell Brook, Kid Galahad and Junior Witter
Lee Noble with boxing buddies including Kell Brook, Kid Galahad and Junior Witter

Boxer Lee Noble is facing the toughest fight of his life after revealing he has been diagnosed with leukaemia, at the age of 27.

The Sheffield Ingle boxer is determined to beat the cancer and begins chemotherapy treatment on Monday.

Lee Noble

Lee Noble

Noble announced his illness on Facebook writing: “Well it’s fair to say my heart and soul as been torn out, to put everybody and to squash all the rumours I’ve been diagnosed with leukaemia. Please don’t worry for me just support and pray for me, it’s just another fight in my life I have to win.”

He added in the message to friends: “The love and support you have all shown to me is touching. My eyes are welling up like a little baby.

“I promise to you all I will fight and fight and fight and fight until this horrible disease dies and leaves me alone.

“This is just another chapter in my crazy life and with all your love and support and my fight we will kick its a**e.”

Later, Noble told The Star: “I’m feeling in shock as the illness hit me all of a sudden. It was only seven weeks ago I was fighting, (beating Kiril Psonko in Noble’s native Barnsley.)

“But it’s just another chapter in my life. I have to shock people and show them how to beat the disease and come back stronger.

“It took Barnsley Hospital two weeks to work it out what was wrong, my GP thought it was arthritis!

“I knew it was more serious with the pain I was in. I start my first session of chemotherapy on Monday for six weeks. Leukaemia has picked on the wrong kid!”

The middleweight added: “My mum’s a big inspiration to me; she is terminally ill, I’m surprised how many people have been in touch wishing me well.

“When people tell me I can’t do something it generally makes me want to prove them wrong and so long as I make a full recovery I will fight again. That’s what the doctor said and that’s what I’m aiming for.”