Sheffield boxer Sam O’maison ready for a “bloodbath” - but no Curtis Woodhouse v Liam Cameron scrap

Sam O'maison training with Ryan Rhodes
Sam O'maison training with Ryan Rhodes

Sam O’maison can’t wait to turn his frustration at being inactive into a public “bloodbath.”

The Sheffield super lightweight hasn’t campaigned since being stopped by Luca Giacon in Malaga, last August.

The 26-year-old southpaw says: “First the English champion at the time, Akeem Brown, vacated the title because he didn’t want to defend the title against me. That made the title vacant.

“Then we had Jeff Saunders put in Akeem’s place -he became mandatory to fight me for the title but he also decided to pull out. Then we had Johnny Coyle put in Jeff Saunders’ place...he’s also pulled out.

“People know how I work my a**e off day in day out, this is frustration at its fullest. It’s been nothing but set-backs since my IBF title fight in Spain.

“But I’ve had to keep myself focused and continue.

Liam Cameron

Liam Cameron

“It’s very disheartening if you let it get to you.”

The Ryan Rhodes’ trained fighter (W14 L2) says another opportunity is winging his way towards him.

He says there will be a “big announcement” soon.

“The venue is going to be not too far away and the person who I am fighting is one I’ve sparred in the past.

“It was a bloodbath so the crowd are in for a treat” said the former Loxley College student.

Meanwhile, Commonwealth middleweight champ Liam Cameron will defend his title in the city, probably Ponds Forge, on April 27. But it won’t be against ex footballer Curtis Woodhouse.

The Manor Park boxer promises he’ll put in a better performance than his title-winning epic against Sam Sheedy last year.

Cameron says Woodhouse “realised the task was too big fighting me” - so that contest will not now happen.

Woodhouse tweeted: “I spoke with Dennis (Hobson, promoter) and the fight isn’t happening.

“I wish Liam all the best in his next fight.”

Hobson had thought a contest between a former Sheffield United footballer and a dyed-in-the-wool Blades fan would have been an interesting spectacle for the fans.

“Curtis agreed a deal. But after consulting his trainer they decided it wasn’t for them” said Hobson.

“I like Curtis but he’s good at moving goal posts, still” added the promoter.

“But I don’t blame him because he’d get beat.”

Woodhouse has other things to concentrate on.

His handler Stefy Bull says he will challenge John Wayne Hibbert in an eliminator for the Commonwealth welterweight title.

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