Sheffield boxing: How Kell Brook was touched by visit from his one time mentor

Brendan Ingle - a lifetime of boxing mentorship
Brendan Ingle - a lifetime of boxing mentorship

Kell Brook has revealed the heart-warming moment when he rekindled his relationship with boxing mentor and coaching legend Brendan Ingle.

The pair haven’t had the best connection ever since Brook left the Ingle gym around nine years ago, for a spell.

Ingle senior didn’t take kindly to see his protégé moving to Dave Coldwell’s gym in 2006, where he won a British championship.

And although Brook returned to Wincobank to continue his trade under Brendan’s son’s Dominic’s expert wing, their relationship remained strained.

However, Brook met up with the 77-year-old before his fight against Errol Spence Jr, at Bramall Lane, in May.

He revealed it was the most memorable and moving part of the whole experience.

Kell Brook

Kell Brook

“The best part of the night was Brendan wishing me the best in the dressing room” the 31-year-old former world champion. told The Star.

“Brendan got me off the street and taught me life skills and I owe everything to him. He put a lot of time and effort into me.

“There was a point when I left his gym for a while, it was about boxing politics, my Dad, Frank Warren...I had to do it to further my career.

“I didn’t want to move in the first place and our relationship went south.

Brendan Ingle in his gym at Wincobank in Sheffield

Brendan Ingle in his gym at Wincobank in Sheffield

“So to see him there as the best thing of the night.”

Brook has been quoted about a possible future fight with Miguel Cotto.

But the father of two has been honest enough to admit he has questions about his own dedication to resolve first.

Asked if he still had a hunger for boxing, he said: “We’ll know when I start training if I’ve got the hunger. Maybe it (future campaigning) will suit me at a new weight (super welterweight,) we’ll see.

“I need to know if I still have the ‘eye of the tiger’ or I don’t fancy it.”

Brook said consecutive losses to Spence and Gennady Golovkin, if anything, had not affected his confidence and if anything had spurred him on to return to boxing.

“I have been down since the Spence fight but I want to turn all the negatives into positives. I can’t think about losses if I am going to push myself again.”

Currently, Brook is enjoying being out of the media spotlight.

“The media thing is weird, to me” he confessed. “I am just the kid next door, I am humble. Having cameras around all the time, it’s awkward. I just prefer being normal. Having people on at you all the time can do your head in.”

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