Sheffield boxing: Kell brook can be bigger than Naz

Kell Brook can become a bigger global attraction than his one-time hero Naseem Hamed.

That’s the view of Brook’s trainer Dominic Ingle - but only as long as the new IBF welterweight ruler continues to challenge himself and beats elite opposition.

Serious business: ''Dominic Ingle with Kell Brook

Serious business: ''Dominic Ingle with Kell Brook

Ingle believes Hamed, the former featherweight champion, should have stayed at the top longer than he did.

And if Brook can survive at the pinnacle for a few years, he will improve on Hamed’s legacy.

“Kell has got the potential, if he plays it right and with the promotion of Matchroom, he could potentially be bigger than Naz” he said. Ingle recalled how Naz reigned supreme in the 90s, a time when “Brit pop was out, Naz was the boxer of choice, he was sponsored by Adidas. He became world champion but never actually go to the massive top level.

“Naz won the title very early on, (aged 21) he boxed in Sheffield a few times and there was always a good crowd. For me, Kell is somewhere between Naz, being the top one, and Johnny Nelson and Junior Witter.

“Kell has got an aura about him. He is a cheeky Sheffield lad, has got a massive following and there is something likeable about him. No matter what he does wrong, you can’t help like him.

“This is the first rung of the ladder for Kell” added the trainer. “He’s achieved champion status now it’s taking it to that higher level again...we can’t just be satisfied with winning a world title. He has got to unify the titles, box the big names, fill the Arenas, and if he can do that he’ll probably end up being bigger than Naz.”