Sheffield boxing-mad kids love Wall of Fame challenge

Fitness Factory members, Sheffield
Fitness Factory members, Sheffield

Youngsters at Halfway’s Fitness Factory gym are fiercely competitive when it comes to the ‘Wall of Fame’ contest.

The youth class member who wins the endurance competition gets to have their name inscribed onto the gym’s wall.

Dan Beck boxer, Fitness Factory

Dan Beck boxer, Fitness Factory

The most recent winner was Daniel Beck, 19.

It means so much to the kids there that Dylan Edwards, 11, even missed his new sibling being born.

“Instead of going to the hospital, Dylan came to the gym,” said owner Bill Gavins.

Dylan said: “I’m proud to be in third place. I’m disappointed because I came here to win, but now I can go and find out if I have a new baby brother or sister.”

Gavins, who introduced the competition to the gym, described the performance of the group was phenomenal.

“I was so impressed in way their determination came out and if they take one little bit of that into their lives; their working lives, their family lives, then they’re going to be successful.

“I liken it a little to life, it’s whatever it takes to get through it and to be successful, that’s what they’ve got to do,” he said.

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