Sheffield boxing: Sam has a Spanish eye on future titles

Sam O'maison and Loua Nassa
Sam O'maison and Loua Nassa

Sam O’maison won’t find fame and fortune if he beats Spaniard Luca Giacon in Malaga on Saturday.

But he will be on the path towards it, believes his Sheffield trainer Ryan Rhodes.

The pair contest the IBF international super lightweight title, which Giacon won on home turf in june.

Their clash won’t be televised over here and the O’maison’s pay packet is no head-turner.

But it’s a stepping stone towards greater things.

“The purse isn’t bad but its not brilliant” admits Rhodes.

“And the best we can do about screening it is if somebody Facebook Lives it. But that’s not the point.

“When Sam wins this, things are really going to start happening for him.”

It’s all part of a strategy involving the 26-year-old southpaw, who said recently: “We’ve challenged everyone worth fighting in the 140 division for a title in the UK, knocked on every door of any big promoters and no one will take the risk on me. “

So boxer and trainer were minded to take the Giacon gig when it arrived.

Rhodes said: “Sam hasn’t got a big title or a TV deal so he hasn’t got the profile others has.

“And if it wasn’t for his sponsors, DBL Logistics, we wouldn’t be in this position.

“But promoters will sure want to be speaking to him when he comes back with the win, I guarantee that. And we won’t have any preferences about which promoter it is - we’ll sit down with anybody.”

If that sounds confident, that’s because fighter and trainer are, despite the fact Giacon has won all but one of his 30 previous fights.

n Meanwhile Sheffield superfly Tommy Frank has lashed back at Doncaster rival Tommy Chadburn, who had called him out.

Frank tweeted: “When I sparred with this kid I made him cry.

“He literally got out of the ring crying. All this coming from someone who in boxing circles everyone knows I would beat every day of the week and twice on Sundays.

“If you want to fight put your pint down, discipline yourself and make the weight. If not, stop using my name to boost your profile.”

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