Sheffield boxing video: Nassa plans out of this world display

Ramzy Nassa plans to impress his growing fan base tonight.

The Broomhill, Sheffield super bantamweight fights on a Ryan Rhodes bill at Bramall Lane and aims to take his record to eight wins and one draw.

Boxer Ramzy Nassa. Picture: Andrew Roe

Boxer Ramzy Nassa. Picture: Andrew Roe

Nassa, 23, has yet to record a KO, but he is not bothered, and nor are his fans, he says.

“I understand people like to see knock outs” he said. “But I have a big fan base regardless of that. And that means I am doing something right.

“It means my boxing style is good and they like it, the same with my brothers (he has four younger brothers, all into the boxing game.)

“We have a lot of fans in Sheffield and sell out all the venues when we fight.

“I’d say keep patient as I get more rounds there will be stoppages.

“But if the fans are happy, who am I to change?”

Nassa, who counts Kell Brook as one of his heroes, competes in a four rounder, his second fight of the year.

He says he is constantly improving his style, adding: “My father told me from a young age, the art of boxing is to hit and not be hit. Anybody can go in there and throw bombs, it is who can look good doing it.”

Nassa is enjoying his training under Rhodes.

“Ryan is a good mentor and coach, you cannot get better than someone who has been there and done it. The boxer regards nental strength as pivotal, to success in the ring.

“It is who has got the nerve to get in there and do the business, when I get in that ring I promise you that I am not going to hold anything back.”

* Sheffield’s Lee Connelly collected a highly-credited draw against unbeaten prospect Joe McCory at Bethnal Green.

Connelly, from Westfield, thought he had the edge on the home fighter.

The fighter, who trains at Spire gym Chesterield and S18 in Dronfield, posted on Facebook: “Against a 4-0 guy, who was very tall, a lot of people thought I had won but that’s what you get on the road.”