Sheffield’s Kell Brook gets bitter about Twitter rival

Bow tie boxer: Kell Brook's rival Carson Jones.   Picture: Steve taylor Photographer
Bow tie boxer: Kell Brook's rival Carson Jones. Picture: Steve taylor Photographer

KELL BROOK has poked fun at the American boxer who is showering him with a torrent of Twitter abuse.

Carson Jones has been using the social network site as another tool to get under the Sheffielder’s skin ahead of their battle a week on Saturday.

Not content with attempting to lampoon Brook at a press conference and in the trade media, Jones has tweeted messages like: “I’m starving. I think I’ll wait til July 7 to eat so I can eat @SpecialKBrook alive.”

Jones added charmless messages such as: “I’m going to manhandle that boy. Sad thing is he doesn’t even know it.”

And of unbeaten Brook’s previous victims, he tweeted: “Boy you have fought 27 tomato cans and you think you’ve done something, wake up son.”

Brook confesses that the American has irritated him. But he burst out laughing when The Star put Jones’ web-audience into perspective.

The Brit has 36,612 Twitter followers - the American has a decidedly puny 336.

It perhaps suggests why Jones fights away from his home base of Oklahoma City so often.

“He’s not a very popular guy is he?” smiled Brook. “My brother and sister have more followers than him. He’s supposed to be this big star but the worst player at Sheffield FC must have more people interested in him.”

The humour continued from Brook as he pondered on whether Jones would wear his “comedy bow-tie” in the ring at Sheffield Arena for the IBF welterweight title eliminator.

Brook joked: “When I saw him dressed like that I thought he was a snooker player - or a snooker ball with that big round head! Or a character from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

“And that stuff about me fighting tomato cans? I think he needs a proper education in speaking English.”

Brook says the American has been “bad mouthing” him since the fight was announced.

“He’s slagged me, Sheffield, everything,” he said. “That’s not going to make him any more popular with the thousands of fans at the Arena.

“He’s been giving it all the chat. Yanks can get a bit heated like that. But he will feel the heat when my fists do the talking.”

Brook said the tickets were going reasonably well, but that it was a big ask to pack in the 10,000 who saw him dismantle Matthew Hatton there in March.

“That was a ‘War of the Roses’ thing with a lot of interest,” he said. “Nobody here knows Jones. He has just come out of the woodwork.

“But he has been good in his last few fights and he comes to KO people.”