Sheffield’s Sam Sheedy threatens to fire his corner after winning title!

Sam Sheedy is as hard to predict out of the ring as much as he is in it.

After outpointing the rock-hard Nigerian Abolaji Rasheed at Bramall Lane on Friday night, the “Wisewood Mexican” said he was considering firing his entire corner staff.

He wasn’t ofcourse - but that’s Sam for you.

“They were all shouting at me to do things, I got hit twice while I stood there trying to work out what they were on about” said Sheedy, whose 12 rounds unanimous verdict victory gave him a Commonwealth middleweight title he’ll always be proud of.

“I just wanted them to calm the **** down. I am not a robot, I want to do what I want to do. They haven’t got a remote control panel in the corner, working me.

“It drives me mad, mainly because I could hear panic in their voices.”

Sam Sheedy celebrates victory with his team

Sam Sheedy celebrates victory with his team

There is no doubt there some was genuine concern for Sheedy because the unknown quantity in green shorts had turned out to be a relentless come-forward menace, who knew how to take a punch and more importantly how to land one.

Sheedy, (previous record W17 L2) said: “I was slightly disappointed with my performance straight after but when I thought about it, I realised I had been in with a very good opponent.”

In round eight, Sheedy was almost out on his feet after an uppercut caught him on the ropes.

“I was out for a second, some boxers won’t admit thinks like this, but all the lights had gone” confessed the Sheffield Boxing Centre man. “I was proper gone. But that was where my fitness came in and I survived it and got on with things.”

Sam Sheedy celebrates victory

Sam Sheedy celebrates victory

After than incident Sheedy boxed more intelligently and deserved the points win against an opponent nicknamed the Afonja Warrior who had flown 4,500 miles determined to cause an upset.

Rasheed, who had entered the Bramall Lane ring to the entrance tune of All of the Lights - Kell Brook’s favourite tune- deceived everyone, with a slow, ponderous start.

“It was a privilege to share a ring with him - I think this fight will get him more exposure and he’ll do well” said Sheedy. “I hit him hard to the head a few times but it had absolutely no effect.

“People will say that I got hit too many times, aned I do feel as if I have been run over by a train..but if you walk into a shower you are going to get wet.”

The Sheffielder had promised he would not “showboat” in the fight - but in the last rounds he waved his hands high and shook his shoulders in typical Sheedy style. “So what?” he said. “I do what I want to do!”

Eckington cruiser Joss Paul recorded his seventh straight win, winning a four-rounder 39-38, against uncompromising Lithuanian Dmitrij Kalinovskji. Trainer Clinton Woods said his man had needed a close battle and was continuing to learn his craft.