Twitter ye not: Curtis is coming out fighting!

Curtis Woodhouse - spoling for a fight
Curtis Woodhouse - spoling for a fight

CURTIS Woodhouse - the King of Twitter - has scrapped plans to hang up his gloves.

The former Sheffield United footballer turned boxer was considering retiring after his controversial points defeat to Lancashire’s Shayne Singleton in Manchester, on March 8.

Many observers insist 32-year-old Woodhouse deserved the verdict.

And the fighter was so sickened, he decided to take some time to consider if he had a future in the sport.

But - following international acclaim for tracking down internet ‘troll’ James O’Brien - Woodhouse is back.

He will box at Ponds Forge on May 17, at Ponds Forge, Sheffield.

“I won’t let them stamp on my dreams, I won and everybody saw it so that’s enough for me” he tweeted at the weekend.

It is not clear yet who his ring opponent is: Woodhouse would love a pop at getting his English light welterweight title back from Singleton.

But Singleton’s camp may feel there is not much to be gained from such a contest.

And there is a rumour that Woodhouse could drop down to lightweight - where he could be a real power at English and British level.

Navid Mansouri and Chad Gaynor will be on the bill.

Woodhouse is far too canny not to trade on his burgeoning profile.

Since tracking down his heckler down to his home address in the city - his twitter following has soared to 31,000 followers.

The former England Under 21 soccer star has since had support from retired heavyweight world champion Lennox Lewis, amongst others.

Lewis wrote in a column in Boxing News: “I would absolutely do what Curtis did. I thought it was great that he did that. He said Woodhouse had “impressed him greatly.” O’Brien apologised for his mocking remarks and admitted he’d been “silly.”