Video: Behind the scenes with champion Sheffield-based boxer Natasha Gale

Natasha Gale submits her body and mind to a near inhuman regime for 48 weeks of the year.

It is hard on her and her family.

Natasha Gale at the EIS

Natasha Gale at the EIS

But people who win gold medals and world championships have to make sacrifices.

And the 28 year old Sharrow boxer is intending to retain the demanding lifestyle at least until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, and maybe beyond.

The Great Britain boxer admits she has to life a 'really robotic' lifestyle during the endless months of training camp.

Her average day will be a mandatory weigh-in around 7am, an endurance run or sprint, a rest, breakfast, another rest, lunch, strength and conditioning and then the main session, sparring bags and pads.

Natasha Gale

Natasha Gale

If she's really unlucky she gets a circuit exercise to complete, at the end!

"Training is on average 3-4 times a day, so it is quite brutal, my body is definitely ready for a rest for sure, but one more push and I get two weeks off" says Natasha, who lives within easy distance of the EIS, Sheffield, GB Boxing's base.

While she gets a fortnight off in the summer and winter, the rest of the year she has to be ready to box whenever required.

It is around this month and Christmas time specifically that she misses her Leeds-based family the most- and the freedom to eat the food she chooses to.

Anthony Joshua - good vibe

Anthony Joshua - good vibe

But she stresses she doesn't miss out on many of the things 'normal' women of her age do.

"I enjoy what I do. And I have got a goal. That's just how I am."

Asked if she misses chocolate she laughed: "I am not the Virgin Mary!

"I do live a normal life

Natasha Gale in action

Natasha Gale in action

"I eat chocolate, I like waffles, I like a glass of red wine.

"It is knowing when you can have it and you can't have it. And being professional and remembering what you want to achieve.

"We are human here, (at the EIS) all of us have chocolate, all of us have alcohol. All of us wake up and think I don't want to train today.

"We help each othe through it...we push each other on."

One of those who helps her is world champion Anthony Joshua, who won gold in the Olympics.

Natasha has often being labelled the female version of Joshua, because of how fast she has progressed.

When he visits the EIS, she says he "feels like he is a good presence to be around and good role model to our sport, he has a good vibe.

"Not just boxing wise he is really switched on in life.

"Sometimes I see things in one way he is more open minded and its really refreshing to be around. Josh is so down to earth."

Joshua often texts her before an after tournaments to offer his encouragement - someting which means a lot to the Sheffield-based fighter.

Like him, she intends to become world champion and Olympic gold medalist - "and I won't stop till I get that."


Question: When's not a good time to be around Natasha Gale?

Answer: round about now.

Natasah admits she is not good company shortly before a tournament - and she is currently preparing for Thursday's GB Boxing championships in Sheffield.

The EIS-based woman is known as a come-forward aggressive fighter.

But few people see that out of the ring, unless she's famished!

Speaking about personal aggression, she said: "You have got to have that in you.

"I think I've always had it in me."

Sometimes she comes across "really stern," she admits.

"Normally what I say is right so people don't argue with me" she laughed

"Housemates know when not to talk to here, especially when it is close to tournament and I am hungry."


Amateur athletes are seldom loaded down by bulging wallets or purses.

Natasha is "fully funded" by the GB programme, describing the amount as enough to live on.

"The more you achieve the more your money goes up" she says.

"I started from the bottom with no money, then I got some money then I won the Europeans (2016) and got a bit more."


"People that I tell (what she does) generally don't really understand it, and I can't be bothered to explain it to every single person so generally I don't say owt!

"Guys do get more opportunities. Hopefully by the time I finish boxing that will be totally gone,.

"Here (the GB programme) I feel that we are equal.

"We spar with the lads, we do everything the lads do.

"We are treated equal if they do six rounds, we do six rounds.

"You are here to work hard, you fight the best lads - I am fighting world champion lads.

"Sparring European champion lads,. you can't get better than that!"


Natasha owes a debt of gratitude for those who have helped her along the way over the last four years.

And few have done more than Sheffield Jubilee ABC coach Robert Riley.

"He helped me with good and money so from the start I had a good support team. He believed in me. We had a goal" she says.

Her supporters has always stressed the notion of having a career to fall back on after she retires from amateur or even professional sport, should she eventually decide to give that a go.

Most coaches encourage females to get an education, she said.

Next year she plans to go back to University and study nutrition catering for athletes after they've retired.

And her message to young girls going into boxing is simple: "Believe in yourself."

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