VIDEO: Ouch! Fighter punched in the groin - and he's not even in the boxing ring

Ouch. That really hurt, sonny.
Ouch. That really hurt, sonny.

Well, that was a bit under the belt.

Low shots happen occasionally in boxing.

But not normally at the weigh-in, the day before the fight.

Today, Sheffield trained Billy Joe Saunders' seven-year-old son Stevie decided to step in, and give his dad a...hand.

Standing between the middleweight fighter and his foe Willie Monroe, the day before they face each other in London., the youngster suddenly lashed out - punching Willie in the, well, willy.

It was a firm right hand. But very south of the normal mark.

Check it out, 3 minutes 46 seconds into this clip.

While they train boxers in an unorthodox way a the Ingle gym in Wincobank, that is one tactic they don't normally deploy!

And while Dad missed the unforseen event, the security guard didn't and carted the kid away.

Promoter Frank Warren looked taken aback - he's been around a while, but that was a first for him.

Monroe's camp said it was a "shame and embarrassment" to the promotional company and to England.

Trainer Dom Ingle said the incident showed boxers should protect themselves at all times.