Video: Sheffield boxing derby: Sheedy says he’s more disciplined than Cameron

Sam Sheedy says his personal sense of discipline allied to a better sense of communication with his trainer will ensure he successfully defends his Commonwealth middleweight title against fellow Sheffield boxer Liam Cameron, on October 13.

The Pitsmoor champion has repeatedly questioned Cameron’s ability to make the 11 stone 6 pounds, having campaigned more recently at 12 stone.

Sam Sheedy and his sponsor-backed car

Sam Sheedy and his sponsor-backed car

And that represents an advantage to Sheedy, according to him and his Sheffield Boxing Centre camp.

“Liam has struggled with his weight. He has got an issue with his discipline” claimed Sheedy, who said Cameron must have been “eating the wrong food” to force him up to the higher division in the first place.

“He has lacked the discipline to make the weight” insisted the 29 year old.

The pair clash at Ponds Forge, with former ABA champion Cameron confident he will take the belt his city rival.

“I don’t know about his destiny, I only know about my own destiny” said Sheedy.

“I am going to beat Liam Cameron. It is not written for him. It is written for me.”

Sheedy won the title against Abolaji Rasheed in a performance Cameron’s backers say was underwhelming.

The champion blames shortcomings on communication difficulties in his corner.

Sheedy said he and trainer Glyn Rhodes had “always clashed” because they were too similar and there had been communication breakdowns at the gym. “Now we understand each other. In training we are communicating a hell of a lot more than we used to.” The reason his last fight didn’t go to plan was because he wasn’t listening to Rhodes, he admits. I wasn’t understanding him, we have had a sit down, and now we very much understand each other.”

Sheedy added: “Rasheed was a lot better than people think he was.”

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