Well-nourished Kell Brook is hungry for his crack at Gennady Golovkin

Sports scientists from Sheffield Hallam University with Kell Brook
Sports scientists from Sheffield Hallam University with Kell Brook

Boxing experts who keep banging on about the alleged disparity in size between IBF welterweight champ Kell Brook and multi-title middleweight icon Gennady Golovkin may have to think again.

At the World Boxing Council’s 30-day check weigh-in, Sheffielder Brook scaled 176 pounds - the limit - compared with the Kazakh’s 165lbs.

While the South Yorkshireman has a pound or two to shift, he will find that much easier than having to boil down to his normal 10st 7lbs.

Brook said: “I am these extra few pounds because I want to be these extra few pounds; I want to be this heavy.

“I will be bringing the speed as well as the power into this fight. I am not making welterweight, I was always draining myself jumping on and off the scales. This time I don’t have to worry about the weight, I can concentrate on technique, power and skill.

“Come fight night, I’ll be peaking and ready to fly.”

Golovkin said: “I’m happy because one month before the fight, [I am] my perfect weight.

“You know, 165...I have one month, this is nothing. It feels great just smiling, beautiful weather, beautiful day.

“I have just two months - in the first month, just power train and my weight is 165. I eat four times per day, it feels very good.”

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