Clubs have to wait for Tait

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I told you a few weeks ago that there would be a merry go around with the British players in the Elite League - and it’s about to start.

The Star reported that the Steelers and Ashley Tait had parted company, though that hasn’t been confirmed yet by either the player or the club.

If true, though, where does Tait end up?

Well, it might be easier to work out than you think.

There are only so many clubs that can afford Ash should he decide to stay in the Elite League.

There are also only so many clubs where he might choose to play.

One of those is Coventry, where he still owns property. A club he knows, and a new coach he once played alongside.

Coventry, though, have recently had a change of policy and now invest every spare penny in imports.

That may rule the Blaze out.

With Murphy, Garside, Shields and Phillips already, I wonder if the Giants will throw another big ticket to a British guy.

Belfast already have heavily invested in imports Keefe and Lloyd too. I’m told that the Giants aren’t interested.

So where are the gaps for Ash to fill? Well, if you believe the rumours: Nottingham.

Mathew Myers every years tells us he is off to Cardiff, but this summer it seems that those rumours may be true.

So who do the Panthers bring into replace him?

Their first choice is Dowd, but no-one is quiet sure whether it’s a return back to Britain or another European adventure for him.

Second is Robert Farmer, who again seems keen to try North America, and third is Ben Davies.

Davies is staying put in Cardiff - we know, we tried to sign him too!

So the Panthers have a couple of options: sign Farmer to a contract where he is their property should it not work out in Canada and he returns.

Or, option two is to sign Ashley Tait.

Tait, however, has a few options. He can wait and see what his former boss - Ryan Finnerty - does with his budget in Braehead.

He can also look at going back to Europe, where he can play as a non-import.

But I don’t think he’ll want to take the EPL route - while there is cash available there, he still wants to play at the highest level.

These are interesting times, in and around the Elite League.