Dave Simms: Recruitment drive hots up across the league

It's unlikely that Ash Tait will find himself in the clutches of Coventry Blaze
It's unlikely that Ash Tait will find himself in the clutches of Coventry Blaze

Whilst there hasn’t been any more signing news from Steelers head coach Doug Christiansen there has been some wheeling and dealings around the league this past week.

Steelers were interested in an experienced D-man, so were Coventry, but it is Belfast that will announce him in the next 24 hours. I won’t spoil the Giants thunder by naming him but he is a good one as you will see. The player wanted schooling, an MBA course. Steelers scheme with the University of Sheffield is for a two-year Programme. Belfast can do the same course in a one-year deal so he chose them.

Robert Farmer is causing the Nottingham Panthers all sorts of headaches. The former Steeler who played last year in Braehead is wanted by the Panthers to replace Mathew Myers. Problem is that Farmer wants to give the East Coast League in the United States a shot.

Chances of Farmer making it there are slim however fair play to the lad he wants to test himself. Right now he is sticking to his guns and turning down all-comers in our league. Problem for the Panthers is that they need an established forward who can play on a top nine and he is the last remaining unsigned one, except for Ashley Tait.

Tait has declined an initial offer from Nottingham so I am advised, something that made the Panthers chase Farmer even harder. I’m told Farmer remains as keen as ever on a move to the States thus meaning Nottingham may have to return once again for Tait.

Coventry have also made an approach for Tait, their financial package though won’t interest the Steelers former player-assistant. Braehead is still an option, speaking with Ryan Finnerty he would take Ashley to Scotland. It’s not a move Tait would prefer certainly but if Nottingham falls through it might be the best one available over here.

Ashley is a smart cookie. He knows his options, he knows the market. I wonder if he has something else lined up. A move to the EPL or even Europe. Remember he has contacts in Italy and the agent who lined his previous move overseas can also facilitate a move to France.

Steelers are close to making a move for a former NHL’er. An experienced player with many games in the AHL and top leagues in Europe. Christiansen is in touch with the player and his agent and is trying to negotiate a deal whilst on holiday in Peru.