Dave Simms: Steelers seek defensive size

The Steelers signing of Chad Langlais certainly ticked one of the boxes that head coach Doug Christiansen had open.

Following his decision not to persuade Jim Jorgensen to remain with the club Christiansen needed a smooth skating mobile defenceman to play on the power-play and help his sides transition.

Christiansen already has Drew Fata for his powerplay, with Jeff Legue available to drop on to the blue line and take control of running the special teams. It leaves just two spaces to fill on the Steelers back end and from speaking with Doug I certainly I expect him to try and bring in some size and stability back there, that Dion Darling, Steve Munn type player.

Goaltending is also something focussing the Christiansen’s mind. I’d become a little concerned in my regular conversations with the Steelers coach that we hadn’t discussed goalies at all. This week that has changed with a couple of possibles mentioned, one of which I know really interests Doug, time will tell.

Doug has also confirmed he has spoken with Geoff Woolhouse and I know he wishes to bring the best back up goalie in the league back to the arena.

Up front the club has made an offer to a new forward. New to the Steelers and new to the league. Several spots remain up front, as well as goal scoring I expect Doug to bring some toughness in up front, an area where he differs from previous coach Ryan Finnerty. Finner liked his toughness on the blue line. Doug wants to engage his toughness a little more by having him patrolling up front.

Elsewhere it was good to see former Steeler Ashley Tait pick up a job in Coventry. Tait was advised by Christiansen that his services wouldn’t be required after Sheffield signed Robert Dowd. Tait was spoken to by pretty much every club in the league and despite a higher offer from Braehead Ashley decided to remain in the Erdhart conference with the Blaze rather than move up north to play with his former coach Finnerty, the Clan and in the Gardener conference.

Nottingham’s triple winning Captain Jordon Fox also announced he would be leaving the Panthers to take up a player/assistant coach job in the Central league (America), Fox led the Panthers to numerous trophies.

Full fixture list hopefully next week after approval from the EIHL.